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The KA1 Erasmus+ project "Bridging the Gap:World of School-World of work" plays an important role in the acquisition of technical...

martedì 12 settembre 2017

Stage September 2017 in Belfast

A new small group is starting a big life experience working abroad for 2 months. 

Enjoy your time in Belfast! 

Another bigger group has left to Malta to perform their internship abroad

venerdì 2 giugno 2017

Flying to Prague

This is the group of students whose destination is Prague  where they are going to live their one month internship. Full of hopes and full of trust !

domenica 28 maggio 2017

A new adventure is starting!

A new group of students is traveling to Belfast to start their internship experience that will last a month.
Enjoy your training and the city!

venerdì 17 marzo 2017

Back Home

The students who made their internship experience in companies in Belfast, came back home, full of enthusiasm, happy to have experienced their life alone without families, based on their own strengths, with a better knowledge of the English language and having achieved and strengthened technical competences.
They were glad to share their experience with the students at school and give them advice about own to manage the internship experience abroad.
The Education council member of the city of Pisa, the headmaster, teachers and students

welcomed them.

martedì 10 gennaio 2017


The 1st group is leaving for their exciting experience: two months training in Irish companies in Belfast!
Good luck and Good work!

At the end of the Induction time at the Intern Europe agency

 Samad during his internship at the Titanic studios where a new ship is being built

At work in the office, drawing pipes

Ludovico working at the CNC (computer numerical control) machine

Sebastiano is sampling waters at Omagh

Francesca is training on airplanes

domenica 27 novembre 2016


The KA1 Erasmus+ project "Bridging the Gap:World of School-World of work" plays an important role in the acquisition of technical and professional skills. It allows the participants to acquire hard and soft skills as well as personal and linguistic skills that provide the young trainees with a professional and initiative knowledge that they can practise on both a local and international level.

Within the mobility activities, the project plans to involve 25 students and 25 graduates from different sections of the school:
TRANSPORT and LOGISTICS: AERONAUTICS - Construction of aircrafts

Objectives of the participants will concern on the acquisition and/or the improvement of:
- Language skills and transversal ability (common to all professions)
- Specific technical and professional competencies for each referenced profession
- EU key competencies (common to all professions)

The project will last for two years (from September 2016 – to September 2018)

The duration of the international mobility will consist of 30 days for the students and 60 days for the young graduates, the destinations will be : Belfast (UK), Prague (CZ), Limassol (Cyprus) and Mosta (Malta).

The school promoter will manage relationships with local stakeholders and European partners, will disseminate the project information, select the participants, organize the preparation and will take care about the aspects concerning the management of the mobilities.
Moreover the school will supervise and monitor the performance of the training abroad, it will evaluate, certify the skills of the participants and disseminate the results, as well as manage intermediate and final report of the project. The international partners will act as mobility support abroad for logistics and training. They have already provided information on selected hosting companies and their methods of tutoring.